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Infernal Affairs
Hello, you've reached Raito's movie review blog. Most of what you'll find here is reviews of Chinese movies, because that's pretty much all I watch. :'D

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Raito [userpic]

I just realized that I've posted a long line of sub-par movies.  For some reason I'm more motivated to write reviews of BAD movies, lol.  Nevertheless, here's a rundown of some other recent viewings.

A Crowd of Three (2010) - Unfortunately this movie wasn't very good either.  Three vastly unlikable characters go on a roadtrip to visit one of the characters pedo brother who's in prison.  I'm not entirely sure what they hoped to find out from him, I think the brother thought he'd break him out, but that didn't work out.  Even Matsuda Shota can't save this too-long unpleasant film.

The Great Magician (2011) - My viewing of this movie was somewhat tainted by subs that kept garbling up in probably-important places.  As great as it is to see Tony Leung on-screen again, his performance was rather bland, as though he was just trying to pick up a paycheck while waiting for Grandmasters to finally come out.  Zhou Xun was fun and Lau Ching Wan was a riot, but I really can't remember much about the plot, which admittedly, could have to do with the subs.  Oh well, it was nice to look at and the soundtrack was fantastic.

Love On Credit (2011) - Ok, now this movie I actually enjoyed.  Starring Lin Chi-Ling playing twin sisters with man problems, it was beautifully shot and had a good soundtrack as well.  It's somewhat of a romcom, as in, it was occasionally funny, but generally quirky.  What stood out most to me was Lin's excellent acting.  I see her getting ragged on quite a bit and I haven't seen her in much, but she was great in this.  I actually did not realize that both of the sisters were her until the end.  Chen Kun played one of the boyfriends and he was great as usual, but I would have liked to see him more. *cough*

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Raito [userpic]

So Andy Lau plays a thief again. Or rather, he played two thief roles that year. This time it's a romcom, sorta, also starring Sammi Cheng. In spite of the great soundtrack and snazzy cinematography, both hearkening back to old Hollywood, the plot was at once thin AND hard to follow. The problem was that the director got too lost in the clever sparring between Cheng and Lau's characters.

The two play divorced thieves and Sammi is about to get married, but her engagement present gets stolen, and it seems to me that she's in on it, but she doesn't end up with it, so naturally she suspects Andy Lau. And the rest of the movie is really about her trying to find this out. It's billed as the two rediscovering their feelings for each other, but it's not really that. I had to think about that as I watched, trying to figure out my issue with it. And I came to the conclusion that this is a relationship based on trickery. So even if they do love each other, they can't quite reveal it completely to the other, because then they would have revealed their last hand, so to speak.

Basically, in a relationship between two tricksters, there simply cannot be full disclosure. And that's how it goes right until the end. So in spite of the final plot twist, it's hard to really feel anything because even you as the viewer are not convinced that it's not another trick. In any circumstance, this would be a hard story to portray well and to be able to "get" your audience so to speak, but it's certainly not something that can be done in an hour-thirty with much of the time wasted on fantastic scenery and somewhat meaningless dialogue.

In the end, the film came off flat and emotionless. Gilded with nice looks, good music and attractive stars, but there was no substance. Sammi and Andy acted well, but even that couldn't save it.

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Raito [userpic]

Lol....a lot of this movie was unbearably cheesy, but when it wasn't, it was funny, light-hearted and reminded me of an old b&w movie. C'mon, rich guy falls for dancing girl? That is so totally an old movie plot. Probably starring Ginger Rogers or smth, lol. Anyway, yeah, it's basically a three-way love story. Andy Lau plays Sam Ching, a very rich guy who wants his cronies to find love too, and enjoys speaking random English.

But not as much as Denise Ho's high-powered secretary lady. I actually LOVED her in this. She was really hilarious and such a realistic portrayal of that sort of character, it was great. Honestly, I found myself wanting them to go back to her story half the time as opposed to Andy's. Shu Qi is an interesting actress. Sometimes I liked her, sometimes she was annoying, so I'm not sure. The only story I felt was a total flop was the one going on with Ching's driver. There was absolutely NOTHING interesting about that story.

Anyway, the story for Andy's side is pretty simple. He meets Shu Qi randomly in an elevator, is intrigued by her, so he follows her around. Then they start dating, but he doesn't tell her who he is. Of course, once he does, things get complicated, and the typical poor-girl-out-of-her-element situations abound. For Denise Ho, she's obsessed with her lack of boobs and while drunk one night, runs into a maintenance guy. They both kinda alternately follow each other around, not saying much, neither willing to admit anything.

And I won't even bother with the other story. But yeah, this was a harmless piece of fluff, and a long one at that, clocking in at pretty damn close to two hours. I wouldn't say it was as good as 'Needing You', as far as romcoms go, but it was enjoyable enough.  I'll say it again, Andy Lau can play ANYTHING.

I loved the scene where he's in the office and one of Shu Qi's friends texts him something lewd, and he reads it and is all "wah!" and drops the phone, and everyone looks.  Then he's all, "I'm OK!" in English.  Ahh, I cracked up.  And funny filming note; apparently Shu Qi pleaded with the director to let her do more in bed with Andy than just lay there.

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Raito [userpic]

This is a romcom, but you know what? I don't care because it stars Andy Lau. I kept thinking of Brigette Jones while I was watching this. Andy Lau's character, called Andy in the subs, but is actually called Wah-Siu. I really hate when they English-fy names in the subs because it doesn't match up with what I hear. But anyway, he starts out portrayed as a bit of a chauvinistic asshole. He's sleeping with hookers and making pervy comments to female employees, but it turns out he's not really that bad.

Sammi Cheng is Kinki, a strange new employee at Andy's workplace. She compulsively cleans when she's stressed, and in the first scene, locks herself in the bathroom after having a troubling conversation with her boyfriend. Everyone thinks she's actually in there trying to kill herself, but that's not the case.

The plot is really just a series of run-ins between Andy and Kinki, until they start falling for each other. It's pretty funny at times though. I was especially amused by the scene where Andy directs Kinki in flustering her boyfriend. That and all the odd 'Moment of Romance' moments. I will clearly have to see that movie in order to get everything. Though I am familiar with the movie, so I did find some of it pretty funny regardless.

I enjoyed it more than Magic Kitchen though.  A fairly amusing piece of fluff.  Andy Lau just always does such a good job, he makes all but the worst movies enjoyable.

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