Infernal Affairs
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Infernal Affairs
Hello, you've reached Raito's movie review blog. Most of what you'll find here is reviews of Chinese movies, because that's pretty much all I watch. :'D

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Raito [userpic]

I just realized that I've posted a long line of sub-par movies.  For some reason I'm more motivated to write reviews of BAD movies, lol.  Nevertheless, here's a rundown of some other recent viewings.

A Crowd of Three (2010) - Unfortunately this movie wasn't very good either.  Three vastly unlikable characters go on a roadtrip to visit one of the characters pedo brother who's in prison.  I'm not entirely sure what they hoped to find out from him, I think the brother thought he'd break him out, but that didn't work out.  Even Matsuda Shota can't save this too-long unpleasant film.

The Great Magician (2011) - My viewing of this movie was somewhat tainted by subs that kept garbling up in probably-important places.  As great as it is to see Tony Leung on-screen again, his performance was rather bland, as though he was just trying to pick up a paycheck while waiting for Grandmasters to finally come out.  Zhou Xun was fun and Lau Ching Wan was a riot, but I really can't remember much about the plot, which admittedly, could have to do with the subs.  Oh well, it was nice to look at and the soundtrack was fantastic.

Love On Credit (2011) - Ok, now this movie I actually enjoyed.  Starring Lin Chi-Ling playing twin sisters with man problems, it was beautifully shot and had a good soundtrack as well.  It's somewhat of a romcom, as in, it was occasionally funny, but generally quirky.  What stood out most to me was Lin's excellent acting.  I see her getting ragged on quite a bit and I haven't seen her in much, but she was great in this.  I actually did not realize that both of the sisters were her until the end.  Chen Kun played one of the boyfriends and he was great as usual, but I would have liked to see him more. *cough*

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Raito [userpic]

I.....think I liked this movie. Or maybe I'm just being shallow because Chen Kun and Shawn Yue were extremely nice to look at. The problem comes with the pacing, which, I'm starting to realize, is Jingle Ma's biggest failure as a director. The plot wasn't entirely nonexistent, you could sort of understand how it got set up that way. And I guessed the villain right about as the shit started hitting the fan. The only problem with the love story though, was that I only saw any kind of convincing emotion from the girl. The guys just reminded me of Jordan Chan in Shopaholics; they just wanted what the other guy had.

Some setup. Shawn Yue is probably the cop of the title. He's rich, but only by virtue of his dad, and he uses his dad's money to solve crimes. Like catching poor Philip Ng at the start. Amg, I hope that man gets some real roles soon, he's such a qt. (that's not why, but how sidetracked do you want me to get here?) Then, Chen Kun comes in as a rich cop from the Mainland (yes, we buy that), and naturally the two hate each other at first sight, well, actually Shawn hates him, it's not really clear that Chen returns the favor. But Chen is looking for his brother's killer.

And that's basically the plot. It meanders around at a leisurely pace, with occasional bursts of action. Then suddenly, with about 30 minutes left to go, it turns into New Police Story. And the two leads look about as shellshocked as the audience (i.e. me) when it does. It's like, wtf, did I accidentally put in another movie? All of a sudden we have an over-the-top, twisted bad guy, a crapload of money, uncomfortable psychological games and an eventual bloody outcome. And in spite of it all, it still fails to wring much emotion from you.

One thing I will say though, it was nice that they let Chen Kun speak Mandarin, instead of having to be dubbed into Canto. He actually did speak it at the start and sounded decent though, lol. And even though all the Canto speakers understood him and vice versa, which is probably not likely, I was able to suspend that disbelief because I'd always rather hear the actor's own voice. I wish both places would do that more often. Isn't that what the Chinese subs are for anyway? C'mon.

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