Infernal Affairs - Good For Nothing Heroes (2012)
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Infernal Affairs
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Good For Nothing Heroes (2012)

This was an odd movie.  It was made in the PRC, but it appeared to be dubbed, even in the case of Kimi, who is Chinese, but the rest of the main stars were Hong Kong and were obviously all dubbed.  The dubbing wasn't as distracting as it often is to me, but it may have helped lend to the oddly detached quality the movie had.

The plot was fairly sparse, basically Kimi and Lam Suet are good for nothings who randomly get a will that makes Kimi in charge of his dad's hotel.  The dad is in a coma, but he's also not actually his dad.  Francis Ng is the adoptive son and/or manager.  There are some undoubtedly funny scenes as the two pretend to be upper class, but then things just get confusing.  Kimi wants to get money for his blind kinda-girlfriend and that's about it.  But he takes care of his not-dad in the meantime and when the dad wakes up, well, he's grateful.  It's really kind of an obvious, cheesy plot.  And other than Kimi and Lam, who were pretty animated, everyone else  basically seemed to be phoning in their performances.  Well, Christy Chung wasn't bad either.  Like I said, I really can't decide if the movie really was that detached or it just felt that way because of the dubbing.

Either way, it's clear that PRC can't make a decent Hong Kong comedy even if they are using Hong Kong stars, lol.

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